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28 Nov. 2012,  Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam is a festival enthusiastically celebrated at SICOMS. The buildings are all bathed in the magical glow of tiny oil lamps.  

19 Nov. 2012,   Mr. Ajay Karippot’s Seminar

Mr. Ajay Karippot, eminent educator from the USA, held a seminar on Entrepreneurship and on the Supply Chain. There was enthusiastic student participation. 

13 Oct. 2012, Convocation

The culmination of our students’ academic progress at SICOMS is the Convocation, a meaningful and emotional experience for all students and teachers.  The 2012 Convocation saw our second and third batches receive their PGDM Diplomas. There was excited conversation in the corridors and in the shamiana, as old friends re-established face-to-face contact after so many busy months when work pressures had been predominant in everyone’s minds. 

Teachers were busy shaking hands with students.  The SICOMS staff were beaming with pleasure and pride, watching the young executives whom, not so long ago, they had taken such good care of.  Despite a rainy morning, alumni, faculty and staff were all happy to assemble on the steps for some memorable photographs. An additional feature of the Convocation this year, was the simultaneous inauguration of the Sadanam Kumaran College, our sister institution, affiliated to Calicut University.

Freshers Nite – 21st September 2012

September 11, 2012 --  Summer Internship Programme (SIP) presentations

Every PGDM batch at SICOMS eagerly awaits their first summer, when they are attached as interns to various prominent organizations. The learning our students gain from working in a business organization is unparalleled in their lives.  Having read the theory, these young students are expected to put their knowledge into practice, during the eight to ten weeks of the SIP.

They depart at the beginning of summer as tyros in the world of commerce; they return with a deep understanding of what makes the heart of business tick. And so, SICOMS believes they should share their excitement with the others in their batch, and with the first year students.  As always, this year’s SIP presentations too were delightful: for both the students, who realised their own capabilities in the outside world; well as for the faculty who proudly saw one-time fledgelings demonstrate their wings.


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